Kimono Rental Plan Various plans are available for women and men.

Classy summer kimono plan Rental plan

- Special discount -

6,0004,000 yen (+tax)

- for Summer / June to September -
- Discount price -
For summer season, we recommend single layer Kimonos
(Such like 単衣着物 or 絽, 紗, 紬(These are traditional Japanese Kimono))
In addition to 正絹(Silk Kimono), we have both fashionable and comfortable summer Kimonos here.
In our shop, you can select 帯(obi) belt from Nagoya-obi or bland Hanhaba-obi(Both are good grade obis).
These higher grade obi belts can make you more gorgeous.
This style is more sophisticated and elegant than a yukata.

We recommend "Mens summer kimono plan" for men with you.
If you use rental kimonos for men and women, you will get 500 yen discount from the total for two people!

Plan that incudes

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  • Classy

  • Higher
    obi (belt)

  • Hand bag

  • Hair

  • Japanese

  • Underwear

  • Tabi

  • Kimono

  • The size of Classy Summer Kimono is from S size to L size. If you need to make sure about it, let us know.
  • About a foot, although it is barefoot in the case of a yukata, a tabi(socks) is attached to this plan.
  • As an option, we have Hair set(1,000yen+tax), Makeup(2,000yen+tax), Outside photo shooting(from 13,500yen+tax).
  • We don’t have any additional fee for weekend.
  • If you need to return Classy Summer Kimono the following day, additionally, we need to charge you 1000 yen (Per person) for it.
  • Because silk kimono is delicate, if there is dirt, mud splashes, or wetness, a laundry fee will be charged. Do not shake perfume or hairdresser spray over kimono. Please be careful not to get wet in the rain.

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