What is the popular activities in Kyoto? This is it! We have Outside Photo Shooting Plans!


If you looking for great way to record your trip memories in Japan for your family, or Couple, or Friends, We do think this is the one!
We have Kyoto sightseeing spot location photography plan!!

The location of our Kimono rental shop is perfect for sightseeing in Kyoto.
There is a so many beautiful temples and Shrines.
Actually, we have a lot of customer who are from oversea.


Outside Shooting

★Higashiyama area

100 sheets / 16,500yen + tax
50 sheets / 11,000 yen + tax
30 sheets / 8,800 yen + tax

★Gion area

Above price + 5,500yen + tax
・Weekends, holidays and peak season
Above price + 9,350yen + tax

Studio Shooting

・6 pose
30 sheets / 16,500yen + tax
・3 pose
15 sheets / 13,200 yen + tax
・1 pose
5 sheets / 8,800 yen + tax

This is only for the Photo Shooting fee.
You can get Photo data  by email. (1 month later)

Shooting location

This is an image of a studio photo.

– Option plan –

★Kimono rental

・Kimono : 3,300yen〜
・Yukata : 3,300yen〜
・Furisode : 16,500yen〜

In Japan, Furisode is the most formal style of kimono for unmarried women in their 30s or younger.
Therefore, we recommend Houmongi kimono as the formal kimono for married women or women over 40s.

You can also wear a Furisode for a celebration of wedding. (only for a newly minted woman)
It is recommended for a wedding photos as it is a glamorous formal kimono.
Below is a picture of a wedding commemoration, with the woman in furisode and the man in formal haori hakama.

Men’s formal attire is the haori hakama.
“Montsuki Hakama” is the most formal kimono for graduation ceremonies, coming-of-age ceremonies, and weddings.

The photo above shows the most formal “Montsuki Hakama”, while the photo below shows a semi-formal haori hakama that can be used for sightseeing.

・Houmongi : 9,900yen〜
It is formal attire for married women, and is a classy, high-quality kimono.

The mother is wearing a visiting gown and the daughter is wearing a furisode.

For anniversaries after marriage, a Houmongi is a good choice.
Below is a picture of the 25th wedding anniversary.

・Wedding Kimono : 74,800yen〜
Traditional Japanese formal wedding attire.
Kimono for 2persons, Hair and makeup, Outside shooting.

Plan list

★Hair set : 1,100yen〜
★Makeup : 3,300yen


If you are interested our photo shooting or Kimono rental plan, you can inquiry with this.


After the photo shooting, you can keep wear Kimono by 5:30 pm.
Or, if you need, you can even return our Kimono next day.
(If you need to return Kimono next day, before you go, let us know.)

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