Procedure of the rental kimono Until return after coming.

  • 1. Reservation

    Reservation can be made by reservation form, e-mail, phone. In case of e-mail or reservation form, reservations are accepted from 3 months ago to 2 days ago. In case of phone, reservations are accepted until the day. If you are in a hurry or if you are over 11 people, please make a reservation by phone.
    In the case of no reservation, the person who made the reservation will take precedence.

  • 2. Please come our shop

    You do not have to prepare anything. So please come to our shop with empty hands. However, in winter, it is better to have bring a wider neckline or V-neck T-shirt, leggings or spats.
    Kyoto City Bus 100, 206, 207, 80 series "Higashiyama-Yasui" 2-minutes walk. If you get lost, please call us.
    Talk to the staff when you arrive at the store.

  • 3. Choose a kimono

    Please choose your favorite kimono or yukata (summer).
    Please feel free to ask us for coordinate kimono and obi(belt).

  • 4. Dress you up in turns

    There are the staffs who has abundant experience of the dressing of the kimono, so dressing is very nice.

  • 5. Hair set

    There are lots of Japanese cute hair accessories. Any other there are some bags and sandals that looks good in a kimono. All can be used free of charge. Extra fee will be charged if the staff does hair set.

  • 6. Payment

    Please finish payments before out. Payment method-cash and credit card.

  • 7. Go to sightseen

    May your journey be filled with joy and happiness!
    We keep baggage and your clothes for free.
    However, please be sure to keep expensive items and valuables yourself.
    After going out please be sure to return by 17:30 on the day of rental.

  • 8. Return

    Please return by 5:30 pm and change clothes from kimono. Thank you! We are looking forward to see you again!
    *If you can not return the kimono on that day, Please say "I'd like to use the next day return extra (free)" by 17:30. In the case of returning the next day, please return it by 17:00 the next day of rental.
    *The next day return will be basic free / Summer kimono plan, Antique kimono plan +1,000 yen / other silk kimono +2,000 yen (Per person)

When shooting location photos, please also visit the "Location Shooting Special Website".

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