Tourist spot,
Yasaka Shrine abt 5mins on foot,
Kiyomizu temple abt 9mins on the foot.

Cute kimono rental, as well as location shoot at Kyoto sightseeing spot is possible! RENTAL KIMONO ROSE

Because RENTAL KIMONO ROSE is near Yasaka Shrine, Gion, Kiyomizu Temple, it is perfect for Kyoto sightseeing!
We have lots of cute kimono and yukata! Dressing service is included in the rental fee, so you can use it easily!
Location shooting in kimono is also popular in Kyoto-like landscape!

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Special discount!!

Kimono Set plan
Recommended plan

Let's enjoy the Kyoto trip with kimono!
Reasonable [Kimono Set plan] 1,000 yen discount!
[Recommended plan] 2,000 yen discount!
A lot of overseas travelers are using it!

Let’s get your photograph with KIMONO taken at sightseeing!! The option of location shooting

The special price is from 13,500yen (not included tax)

If there are more than 5 people, +20% per person.

  • Shooting location: Higashiyama
  • Overall time: About 1 hour - 1 hour half
  • minimum 100 sheets (200 to 300 sheets).
  • Hairset Makeup Extra available (charged)
  • You can download all photographed data.

A professional photographer shoots the kimono in the location.
We will provide all the data you took, so you can upload it to social media!
* The above price does not include kimono rental fee
* The taxi usage fee will be borne by the customer

Rental Plan List Kimono Rental Plan

ROSE has kimono rental plans for women, men, couples and kids.
Please see Rental Plan List.

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- What should I do if soil a kimono? -

In the case of polyester kimono, we do not charge you for cleaning of soiled in the daily life.
However, for an irreparable damage (cigarette,burn etc.) we will charge you.
Also you lost some items, too.

- In the case of silk fabrics such as Furisode kimono or Vintage kimono -
Because silk kimono is delicate, if there is dirt, mud splashes, or wetness, a laundry fee will be charged.
Do not shake perfume or hairdresser spray over kimono. Please be careful not to get wet in the rain.

How to rerurn a kimono How to rerurn a kimono

  • on The day

    Return by 5:30pm
    on the day.

    Luggage can not be returned after 17:30.
    If you can not return the kimono on that day,
    Please say "I'd like to use the next day return extra (free)" by 17:30.

  • on The following day

    Return by 17:00pm
    on the following day.

    We keep your luggage and clothes in shop by you rerurn.

You do not have to bring Anything by yourself! Necessities are including in the set.

You can take your pick kimono.
If you need some advice
for the coordinates,
please let our staffs know.
Bag in Japanese dress
Includes it in plan.
Hair accessory
Feel free to take your pick kimono and obi and bag and hair accessory.
We have a inner for kimono for female.
Men have plain T-shirts.
Tabi(socks) only with kimono
Tabi(socks) also available in various sizes.
When wearing yukata, Geta are basically put on barefoot.
There are zori for kimono,
and geta for yukata.

When it's cold is it?

When you feel chilly or cold, you can use stole(free) or fur(300yen+tax), beret(300yen+tax).
Please see Staff Blog : Measures against cold in winter.

9 of the reasons that choose ROSE 9 Advantage

We have secret about beautiful and cute because
we are Pioneer photo shoot Oiran Geisha.

The experience-rich staff does dressing so absolutely good!
We have a lot of cute hair accessory,
you can lend for free.
and Yukata
for men.
We have some kimonos and Yukata for men.
It is available by a couple.
return method.
Next day return. Please apply in advance.
It is
include: dressing / inner / socks / bag / hair accessory.
After changing clothes, you can store your luggage for free.
There are a lot of temple around here.
Kiyomizu temple / Kodaiji temple / Yasaka Shrine.
A professional photographer takes a location at Higashiyama and the Gion area!
Some of
stuffs can speak
English-speaking staff will reside.
There is
studio photography
of the Oiran
It’s 1.000yen discount with an Oiran experience.
(Sparately reservation required)