Kimono Rental Plan Various plans are available for women and men.

Vintage Mens Kimono plan Rental plan

4,500 yen (+tax)

- for Winter / October to May -
We also have kimono for men!
The reason why we recommend this Vintage Kimono is because it’s made by silk (or wool)!
and also it is so cool and very traditional Kimono.
With our Vintage Kimono, Possibly, It is unlikely that you wear same Kimono in Kyoto.
There are sizes up to 3L! At this price, bag, dressing and haori(jacket) are all included.

We recommend "Vintage kimono plan" for women with you.
If you use rental kimonos for men and women, you will get 500 yen discount from the total for two people!

Plan that incudes

View Plan that incudes

  • Silk or wool

  • Higher grade
    obi (belt)

  • Hand bag

  • Japanese

  • T-shirt

  • Tabi

  • Kimono

  • When you feel chilly or cold, you can use stole(free), Haori (plans over 3,500 yen are free / limited), fur(300yen+tax), beret(300yen+tax).
  • Location shooting (+from 13,500yen) is extra.
  • We don’t have any additional fee for weekend.
  • If you need to return Vintage Kimono the following day, additionally, we need to charge you 1000 yen (Per person) for it.
  • Because silk kimono is delicate, if there is dirt, mud splashes, or wetness, a laundry fee will be charged. Do not shake perfume or hairdresser spray over kimono. Please be careful not to get wet in the rain.