Kimono Rental Plan Various plans are available for women and men.

Hair set, Make-up Extra options

Hair set         1,000 yen (+tax)
Hair set (Furisode) 3,000 yen (+tax)
Hair set (Men's)    2,000 yen (+tax)
Make-up      2,000 yen (+tax)

Since our shop is also doing Oiran experience photo studio, there are experienced staff of hair set and makeup!
We will make a nice hair style that fits kimono
Children's hair set is also available.
We are good at beautiful make-up
People who take a location shooting extra are especially recommended.
If you use "Make-up", you can use false eyelashes for free!

  • Furisode hair sets are more expensive than usual because they are elegantly finished with more luxurious hair decorations.
  • All our hair accessories can be used free of charge. The above extra charge will be added if staff do hair set.
  • Children's hair set is the same price as adults.
  • We don’t have any additional fee for weekend.

Location shooting Extra options

- The special price -

Higashiyama 13,500 yen (+tax)
Gion      18,500 yen (+tax)

Kimono rental and after wearing, professional photographer will perform location photography or studio photography.
We shoot at least 100 sheets. We will hand over all data without additional fee!
It is very popular for memorial of Kyoto trip, wedding anniversary, wedding movies and more!
Please visit The Location Shooting Site (Japanese version only).

  • In the case of a tourist plan, up to 10 people can be photographed within the price.
  • The above price does not include kimono rental fee, photographer nomination fee, shrine and temple price.
  • In the case of Gion plan, we will move by taxi. The taxi fare will be paid by the customer.
  • In the case of Gion plan, it is available only when you can visit the store at 10:00.

Visit the Location Shooting Site