FAQ Frequently Asked Questions.

About reservation

Q. How to reservation?
Make a reservation from reservation form or an email.
Reservation is requested by 3:00pm of the day before.
Q. Can I go there without a reservation?
Yes, but if we have anotjr reservation, we can not make you or wait a while.
A reservation is crowded on Saturday and Sunday and day of the festival and colored leaves season and Cherry-blossom viewing.
Q. Can I change the reservation?
Yes, please contact us as soon as possible.
Q. Do you charge me cancellation fee?
yes. 7days before 50%, 3days before 80%, on the day 100%.
Q. Can you make a reservation for a great number of people?
More than 4 people, please send us an email in English.


Q. Where is the nearest station?
By Keihan train get off Gion-shijo. 16min on foot.
From Gionshijo station to the direction of Yasaka shrine along a Shijo street, Turning the guide ‘Koudaiji minamimon street’left, Go straight on, and a white building is 100 meters on the right hand.
Hankyu line:Kawaramachi station 15mins on foot, Keihan line:Gionshijo station 15mins on foot.
By bus get off at HigashiyamaYasui bus stop. 2min on foot.
Q. How do you explain it to a taxi driver?
By taxi please tell a driver to go to the Kodai area, and show our shop’s map on web site.
Q. Is there a parking?
By car we do not have a parking place, there are some coinparking around here.
Q. When is the regular holiday?
Open all year round.

About a rental

Q. Do I need any preparation?
You do not prepare. So please come to our shop with emptyhands.
Wearing yukata (summer kimono), Geta are basically put on barefoot.
Q. Do you have hair accessorys what is suits kimono?
The flower which we use for the photography of the studio.
You can rent all hair accessory ants free.
Any other there are some bags and sandals that looks good in a kimono.
Q. How can I keep worm during winter?
We have shals and haori jacket(free rental).
Q. Could you handle carefully?
We keep your cloth and luggage in our shop.
Please keep valuable in your possession.
We keep your stuff until you come back.
Q. What should I do if its raining?
If it’s a small rain, fine to go outside.
But it’s a heavy rain and storm, we will not accept rental.
Q. Are there someone speak English?

about kimono / yukata

Q. What kind of kimono do you have?
We have variety of kimono.Depending on the design and brand, rental fee is either 3,000yen or 5,000yen.
Q. What size of kimono and yukata and sandals do you have?
Each other we have assorted sizes.
Q. Can I wear a kimono during pregnancy?
No, we are very sorry.
We will not bear full responsibility for that, if you do not tell us.
Q. What should I do if soil a kimono?
We do not charge you for cleaning of soiled in the daily life.
However, for an irreparable damage (cigarette,burn etc.) we will charge you. Also you lost some items,too.

About dressing

Q. This is my first time what I wear kimono.
Don’t worry. Professional staffs helping you get dressed.
Q. How long daes it take to get dressed?
Include haie set about 40 mins.
Q. You may not bring in kimono. We can not only dressing.
Sorry, we can't do that.

About hair set

Q. Do you have some hair accessory that suits kimono?
Yes, we have many variations.
Q. Could you set my hair?
Option hair set 1.500yen(without tax).
You can change hair what looks good in a kimono.
We do not set hair for men, sorry.
Q. If I set my hair, could you take off it after rental?
If you need it we can help you.
If you would like to fix your hair by yourself, please use a powder room freely.
Q. I have short hair, can you style me matche with kimono?
Short hair become gorgeous only by making some curls in the top part.
If you have certain length, we can style you. Please feel free to contact us.

About payment

Q. What payment method do you accept?
Cash and credit card (JCB, AMEX, Diners, DISCOVER, MUFG, DC, UFJ, NICOS, SAISON, 銀聯)
Q. When should I pay?
Before go outside.

About return

Q. What time should I come back?
Please come back by 5:30pm
If you come back over 5:30, please choose next day returning plan.
Q. I’d like to wear a kimono at night. Can I return it next day?
Yes, please come back to our shop by 17:00 on the followingday to bring kimono.
It becomes in exchange for the your luggage which we kept at the time of departure.

about Oiran of photo studio rose

Q. What is Oiran experience?
We have a studio of Oiran on the second floor.
Please check our web site.http://www.studio-monica.jp/
Q. Oiran experience was also like, how do I Reservation?
Please tell at the time of booking inquiry to be "courtesan experience also want to".
We take your reservations in consideration of both time.
If the there is no reservation, but you may be refused by the availability, why it is better to get consultation in advance.
Q. Do you have a set discount?
Yes, its 1.000yen discount. sparately reservation required.
If you already book oiran plan, please tell us when you book.


Q. Is there recoment restaurant cross to your shop?
Yes, there are many Japanese restaurant. you can enjoy it.
Q. What is kimono passport?
What is the "Kyoto Kimono Passport"? What is kimono passport?
When you are wearing a kimono present the "Kyoto Kimono Passport" in kimono, temples, shrines and museums, such as discounts at facilities such as restaurants.
Benefits it is received. Also a member rental kimono Rose.
We will find a way available here (http://www.kimono-passport.jp/).

If you do not know.
Please contact us directly to our shop.